How to check whether the your validator is part of current producer set?

Hello Validators,

For those wishing to know whether they are in the producer span or not, prior to pruning, please refer to the instructions below.

It also contains public endpoints for you to utilize to determine whether you are in the block producer span or not.

Steps to find out whether the validator is part of the current span

  1. Check for the current span id using the below endpoint


Make a note of the span id.

The start and end block parameter helps determine how long the span lasts.

  1. The next step is to find out whether the validator is part of the current span or not

Use the below endpoint to check the producers of the current span

The last 4 numbers on the URL are the span id noted down from the previous URL.

Always modify the URL with the current span id when using it.

If the validator ID is listed and part of the current producer set then it will mine blocks according to its turn unless there is downtime or latency.

If your validator is listed, don’t prune or interrupt bor service until the current span ends.


Please avoid pruning or migrating nodes when you are part of the active producer set.

Doing so will impact your chances of mining blocks and loss of rewards.

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in one line

curl -s$(curl -s | jq -r '.result.span_id') | jq '.result.validator_set.validators[] | select(.ID == 120)'

just make sure to change the β€œ120” to your own validator ID