How safe/secure is using a child token?

Hello, I am wondering if it’s safe to use a child token (other than the risks as with any token). I use the Polygon Token Mapper to find out if an Ethereum token is mapped already and to know the Child address. I don’t know if there’s another, quicker/better way.

Then I use the child address, as shown in the Polygon token mapper, and add it as a custom token on a swapping app (in this example: The reason why I am not sure if I am using the correct token address is because of the token icon appearing in front of the token name.

This icon is different from the one showing on Coinmarketcap:

Am I doing it right this way? Can I be sure that I am dealing with the correct Luffy token on the Polygon network?

Ethereum contract: 0xc1bfccd4c29813ede019d00d2179eea838a67703
Polygon contract: 0x8449d85Fc7989Ad7F34F8dA986F512aEa9E6920E