How is the CDK connected to the Interop layer

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I’ve been interacting with the Polygon CDK and I have a couple of questions.

How is a chain spun up by the CDK connected to the interop layer? Is it using PolygonZkEVMBridge.sol?

What about PolygonZkEVMGlobalExitRoot.sol and PolygonZkEVMGlobalExitRootL2.sol? Are these specific for L1 to L2 and vice versa bridging transactions?

The Interop layer is still under development but it will use the LxLy bridge and the PolygonZkEVMBridge.sol + related contracts.
The LxLy bridge is currently being upgraded to support multiple chains and documentation on how CDKs attach is being worked on.

Keep an eye out for it but we expect to have more for you early next year.

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Now that CDK is powered by Polygon 2.0’s interoperability layer, every chain built with CDK can seamlessly communicate with all the Polygon chains . For this, independent CDK-based chains have to use a common ZK bridge — LXLY, thereby being able to lever age the shared liquidity from all the adjacent chains.
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