How is the 0 gas fee achieved? How is the 0 gas fee achieved?

Is there a detailed solution? Can it be open sourced?

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Most often than not, it is the dapp’s which subsidizes the gas fees on behalf of users. Dapp’s pay from their pockets( read treasury). I have no knowledge as to how mintnft is doing. You will have to ask by hoping onto their discord.

mintnft is your product, I can only consult you.

Hey @7158798 ,

Mintnft is deployed on polygon. So are 19000+ dapps. Moreover, we can direct you to specific channels/partners so that you can get prompt response of what you are looking at. I, as an individual may not know everything under the sun. We are here to help you. Hope, you understand.

Isn’t this your product? I saw from the official website.

to:Polygon | Ethereum's Internet of Blockchains - Polygon

Hey there! Thanks for your question.

Answering this from the side of the team behind the product -

The gas fees is very minimal and it is beared by Polygon to enable users to mint their NFTs seamlessly.

We load up the gas tank on Biconomy which is used during the transaction.


Using a relayer like Biconomy to pay gas for the users.

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I personally used Mintnft & minted one on launch day. It’s super duper easy & quick even for a newbie. I encourage you to post a detailed forum post here about your project. Kindly make sure it follows our guidelines. We will help in amplifying it.

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Hey @7158798 ,

Yup, it’s from Polygon.

Can it be open sourced?

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This means that smaller amounts are taken over by the marketplaces?
i had wondered that i could transfer NFTs on without paying the applicable MATIC fees, which is $0.02 after all.
Will this be changed? I mean it does mean losses for the marketplace.
sorry for my bad english.

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Hey @Fraggle_Max ,

You have a raised a valid question. If you were around, not long ago, if you take out a loan against any crypto, you were paid interest but now you have to pay. To onboard newbies & to promote their dapps/projects, it’s not only necessary but a necessity to provide subsidies or incentives atleast in initial stages. Make best use of it. Make hay while the sun shines.

I see that this is your first forum post. We encourage you to take active part & make this community vibrant. It has its own perks.

Lastly, language is just for communication. These barriers are non-existent in web3. This also goes on to say that this ain’t your mother tongue… Feel free to participate.


To Answer your question Opensea does what is called lazy minting, i.e. they hold the NFT to them self on a local storage and once someone comes to buy it they directly mint it to that address, So technically you don’t have any record on chain that you sold it.

Also your question to Bridge NFT to Opensea, they follow a specific metadata standard and all the NFT with that standard are visible there. Where could you mint it while there are various places to mint it you could use and it will be visible there .

DO let me know if you have any other questions


MintNFT is very easy to use and I like it.

I followed the advice of Polygon Support about the Minted NFT’s appearance on Opensea .

I have asked the support of Opensea about the problem of Unlockable contents not being visible in the site.

They replied they would take care of it positively.

But they say they do not support the Autograph Module at this time.

In fact, when I tried to use it, only the Autograph frame was minted as a separate NFT.

I hope this utility will be available on all marketplaces in the future.

The autograph Module feature is very ideal for NFT for artists, artwork and the buyers .

I have a request regarding the Autograph Module.

Currently, there is only one design, but please make it selectable.

My work is in black and white, so I would prefer a black frame and white font.

Wishing you the best for the future of NFT.