High gas prices on Polygon network

I was using Polygon network because it was scalable and cheap. Now a stupid game contract (0x6e5fa679211d7f6b54e14e187d34ba547c5d3fe0) is guzzling a lot of gas, everyone pays at least 500 Gwei now (instead of 30) to transact with the network.

This is only one single game on the network. How can we expect for the Polygon network to scale to thousands of applications?


The problem has several different facets:

  • Some developers believe that transaction cost manipulation is a viable method for controlling spam traffic
  • Polygon network has potential to provide sufficient transactions for the entire world’s transaction needs
  • Spam traffic will always be present anywhere it is possible on all networks
  • Bots are often really bad at pricing transactions
  • Developers are working on higher level projects that will make Polygon Much, much more useful

It’s especially frustrating because in order for Polygon to get the respect it deserves, it must build a strong customer base. Customers will flee if they can’t depend on the network for consistent transaction pricing.

I understand and appreciate the frustration that customers are experiencing, and I agree with the long-term perspective, rather than the short-term, knee-jerk type responding to customer complaints. There are so many problems and not enough skilled developers to fix everything.

Polygon is already a powerhouse of transactional capability and it’s continued development and progress is the most effective long-term use of resources.

Basically, do you want to be a part of a network that is only a little bit better than all the rest, or do you want to be developing on the network that is so far ahead of the competition that they can’t even see us on the horizon?

In order to determine what is best for the customer, each different kind of customer must be prioritized. Industrial? Bots? Retail end users? They all have competing needs. Consistency is key, but that can’t be addressed until the actual operation of the network is solidified. Catch-22

Great work guys. You’re doing excellent. Can’t wait to see all the amazing progress we’re going to make this year.