Hi, I'm just checking in

Basic Introduction:
I’m Vitally. I’m web3 enthusiast and like blockhchain technologies.

Professional Background:
I’m not a web3 professional.

Interests in Web3:
I like the new and useful technologies and projects.

Feature Recommendations:
I think that Polygon is a good blockchain, a pioneer that laid the way for many L2 solutions.

Current Projects:
I have no own projects.

Learning and Development:
I like to learn new knowledge in web3.

Community Engagement:
I’m a participant in several DAO and governance communities.

Future Aspirations:
I’d like the web3 to become available to everyone and to be used by all people. Fiat money must be replaced by crypto.

Fun Facts:
I’m looking forward to see the most crazy altcoin season, but later.

Connect and Collaborate:
There is no need to reach me.