Hi, I am new here!

Basic Introduction:
As my nick name suggests I could be anyone from the Netherlands, just not Hendriks.

Professional Background:
Graphic designer, teacher.

Interests in Web3:
World changing projects, education, RWA, the metaverse, NFT’s, gaming, AI, VR, programming, etc.

Feature Recommendations:
Bridge the gap between tech and consumer.

Current Projects:
None web3 related at the moment.

Learning and Development:
There are too many scammers active in web3. Web3 should be safe to use for any new user, even my grandma should be able to hold on to all of her assets.

Community Engagement:
I consider engaging into everything with value. I am still in degen mode.

Future Aspirations:
A social NFT project or building an AI language learning app.

Fun Facts:
Ferrets know how to have fun. Join them.

Connect and Collaborate:
Let’s talk art, blockchain and startups.