Heyya, I'm Kaxx!

Basic Introduction:
Heyya, I’m Kaxx, from UK.
I’m around as far as I can remember, so I can comfortably say that I’m a native :slight_smile:

Professional Background:
I own an advertising agency, so I can help promote stuff.

Interests in Web3:
DeFi for sure.
Also I’m pretty much into Gaming

Are there any projects or technologies in Web3 that you find particularly exciting or innovative?

ZK tech is nice. I love account abstraction.

Feature Recommendations:
Not a lot of dApps.
Also fees are kinda high. It always was.

Current Projects:
Not yet but I plan to.

Learning and Development:
Metamask → Rabby is like a lifehack. Especially if you use a lot.

Community Engagement:
I would love to participate in meaningful events.
But please no more quizzes, quests, points etc. I find them extremely offputting.

Future Aspirations:
Everything will be seamless and connected. I think I will mainly be the user or contributer.

Fun Facts:

I have different skillsets, especially I know a lot about tech stuff. Software, hardware, physics, science, you name it… I can make anything from scratch with what is lying around. Sort of a modern McGyver :slight_smile:

Connect and Collaborate:

Hmm. You can contact me on DeBank, Farcaster or however you like. just search for @kaxx