Hey there its Manuel

Basic Introduction:
Hey my name is Manuel and Im from Argentina!
I came to the web3 world thanks to my brother who inspired me.

Professional Background:
Nowadays I work for a big tech company here in Argentina and I participarted in lots of new blockchain startups.

Interests in Web3:
I love Defi and Im a really active user on Defi protocols for me is the most exiting thing of web3 and blockchain

Feature Recommendations:
I personally love Polygon and its tech, never had any type of problem.

Current Projects:
Right now, Im working on a big decentralized project on Polygon but I cant say more information because its kind of secret with the company Im working for.

Learning and Development:
The most challenging part of Web3 was to adapt to all the security precautions you should take when interacting with the ecosystem, I strongly suggest to people to buy themselves a cold hardware wallet.

Community Engagement:
How do you envision contributing to the Polygon Labs community?
Are you looking forward to participating in any discussions, events, or initiatives?

Future Aspirations:
I love blockchain and I see a massive adoption on the coming years, it will be exiting

Fun Facts:
I was a professional rugby player! No one would guess it haha.

Connect and Collaborate:
If anyone wants to cvontact me they can reach out to my mail: [email protected]