hey polygon world!

Basic Introduction:
Hi, im Artem?
Web3 is freedom for me.

Professional Background:
Im system administrator and musician

Interests in Web3:
Just start to learning everything, what i can find, no favorits for now…but layer 3 i awesome.
and also i like airdrops)

Feature Recommendations:
Previously, the Polygon had a gas-free Matic function - a very cool feature. I don’t have enough of this now

Learning and Development:
web3 is very unsafe, I lost a lot of money here (remember Terra?)… but it’s still fun and interesting.

Community Engagement:
I don’t know yet, but I have 1 nft collection on polygon. I’ll study the forum.

Future Aspirations:
there’s so much here. I don’t know right now. but I would like to make this my main income.

Fun Facts:
i musician, u can find my music as alias metra_vestlud

Connect and Collaborate:
u can hit me on twitter https://twitter.com/metra_vestlud