Help me. Polygon Problem solver

Hello, Polygon Problem solver.

My name is Jaehwan Shim.
I am a person who is interested in polygon in Korea.

In the future, Polygon will make up for Ethereum’s weaknesses
We expect to develop new solutions.

The requirement for improvement that I’m giving you is,
Polygon operates two mainnet and ERC2.0 wallets on each coin exchange.

General consumers do not know the difference between the two,
There are many cases where you make a mistake is made.

The exchange should also make efforts to prevent such accidents, but
I hope you can develop a solution that can be handled smoothly even in polygon.

I also remitted incorrectly from the current BIBIT exchange (Mainnet) to the BITHUMB (ERC2.0) exchange,

I don’t receive polygon.

In response, the BITHUMB exchange only responds that it cannot be resolved.
I ask you to make a conversion remittance for this.

thank you.

MY ADRESS (ERC2.0) : 0xcb118070bd5dcd218690bd9a12c78b409d20fb3e
QUANTITY : 1489.908
TXID : 0xa74a0b459c699831ffa4094251cc352de02b4cf28080b6b155142110dce2c353

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