Hello my fellow degens

Basic Introduction:
What’s your name (or username), and where are you from?
My name is Joe, aka Digijoe, and I am originally from the US but have been living in Italy for several years now.
What drew you to the world of blockchain and Web3?
The firm belief that a decentralized future is the most hopeful future for humanity.

Professional Background:
Please share a bit about your professional background and current occupation.
My background is in Business Development, Marketing, and Operations Management within the traditional private sector. For the past five years, I worked at a consulting firm servicing the Financial Services sector, primarily focusing on Private Equity, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, M&A, and Alternative Asset Management firms. I spent my tenure there overseeing and expanding our Business Development & Executive Search departments while also building up a new division from scratch offering Marketing & Strategy consulting services to clients on an international scale.

The firm recently sold (while I was at ETH Denver, ironically) resulting in the laying off of all the current staff, myself included. I viewed this as the perfect opportunity to transition full-time into the crypto space, where my passion truly lies.

How do you see your skills and experiences contributing to your Web3 journey?
I have become known in the crypto world for being the guy that’s everywhere and able to eye new, profitable opportunities that pop up throughout just about every major network/ecosystem while having a constant pulse on trending and fading narratives and overall user sentiment. I have been in the crypto space on a personal level for around 3-4 years, degening my way through every dApp category across every major L1 & L2 blockchain ecosystem. From DeFi protocols & Derivatives/Perp Exchanges to NFTs and Lending Protocols, I have witnessed first hand how either strong or poor community management and marketing can impact user retention, growth, and engagement in either a positive or negative way based on their unique user base and what each “type” of user is receptive towards and/or in opposition against.

I lead investment research for t*DAO and moderate several communities within the thesis ecosystem.

Interests in Web3:
What specific areas of Web3 are you most passionate about (e.g., DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Gaming)?
I would have to say I am most passionate about DeFi products but am also bullish on the AI and DePIN narratives I have seen starting to emerge.

Are there any projects or technologies in Web3 that you find particularly exciting or innovative?
Bitcoin Layer 2 networks and the bitVM whitepaper

Feature Recommendations:
Have you or a friend ever experienced any pain points when using Polygon PoS? Or, do you have any exciting ideas for the chain you would like to voice?
At times network congestion can be an issue, but overall Polygon is where most of my GameFi activity lives and am a fan. zkEVM could definitely use some improvements.

If so, do you have any specific features/solutions you think would work well?
I think Polygon currently has the best suite of GameFi applications available.

Current Projects:
Are you currently working on any Web3 projects? If so, please briefly overview what you’re working on.
Currently contributing to Mezo Network, the Bitcoin Economic Layer as well as launching the t*DAO, a Bitcoin-focused DAO governed by the thesis community.

Learning and Development:
What challenges have you faced in the Web3 space, and how have you overcome them?
Tutorials for new programming languages / updates to current languages as they come up.

Are there any resources or learning paths you’ve found invaluable in your Web3 education that you’d like to share?
The best source of knowledge always lies within the various communities. So join, be active, forge relationships, and learn from those with more experience than you.

Community Engagement:
How do you envision contributing to the Polygon Labs community?
However possible.

Are you looking forward to participating in any discussions, events, or initiatives?
Always open to things of this nature

Future Aspirations:
What are your long-term goals within Web3 and blockchain technology?
I am looking to take my skills acquired from my web2 professional career and combine them with my web3 knowledge to transition my career into web3 full time, specifically in the areas of either Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, Research, and/or Partnerships.

How do you see the future of blockchain evolving, and what role do you hope to play in it?
I see blockchain technology as the key to unlocking financial freedom and individual data protection/privacy on a global scale by putting financial and data ownership back into the hands of the consumer. I plan to contribute through the knowledge and unique set of skills I have currently and continue to expand upon them while spreading the knowledge to as many people as I can to help the collective space push forward towards mass adoption.

Fun Facts:
Share a fun fact about yourself or your hobbies outside of Web3.
Is there anything else you’d like the community to know about you?
Spent my early years in Los Angeles as a child actor. You can find all my links below at my linktree below:

Connect and Collaborate:
How can other community members reach out to you for collaborations or discussions?
Via Twitter(X), Instagram, or LinkedIn in which all of my links can be found in my linktree above :arrow_heading_up:

Are you looking for feedback, partners, or resources for your projects?