Hello Beautiful People

Basic Introduction:
I’m dhayoralabi, and I’m from Nigeria.
NFT brought me into the world of blockchain and Web3 and since then I’ve ventured into other niches.

Professional Background:
I’m a Web3 educator passionate about onboarding newbies into blockchain and Web3. I’m also a wWeb3 content maker and ambassador for a w\eb3 company.

Interests in Web3:
What specific areas of Web3 are you most passionate about (e.g., DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Gaming)?
I’m passionate about NFTs, DAOs, Blockchains

Feature Recommendations:
I will make my suggestions later as I explore the Polygon PoS

Current Projects:
I’m not working on any project for now, but this could change soon.

Learning and Development:
The challenge I faced was finding my way around web3 when I newly joined, I lost a good amount of money because I was clueless.
I was able to overcome this challenge by finding a Web3 community and joining that community. I’ve had opportunities since I joined this community and also contributed in the way I could to the community.

Community Engagement:
I can contribute by making content either written or in the form of media.
I look forward to participating in discussions, events, or initiatives

Future Aspirations:
I want to be a team player with long-term career opportunities in the Web3 space.
I believe the blockchain will become bigger than it is presently as more countries adopt it. I don’t want to be just a participant but also a contributor.

Fun Facts:
I love Music, Books, Movies, Tech, Gadgets, Cars and Watches.
I mostly read books during my leisure time.

Connect and Collaborate:
I can be contacted via X or Discord
Discord: dhayoralabi.eth