Heimdall - wrong chain_id


I’m attempting to setup another RPC node. i had it running fine last week prior to the latest issues.

I can’t seem to get heimdall to use the latest snapshot I’m downloading.

The issue is related to the chain id - it is not using heimdall-137, instead, it is using a dynamic name, it changes each time a do an install. I’ve run the setup using the “make install” as well as using Docker build.

below example of what I get when I Initialize.

heimdalld init --home $HOME/heimdall_data

results in

  "chain_id": "heimdall-7xFo0o",
  "node_id": "45a7287166978330085d6daaab43bb8385f75938"

I can’t seem to find the cause of this. Does anyone have any pointers?
additionally, I spun up an old Heimdall docker using v0.2.4 and it shows the correct chain_id.

My system:
VM on vmware esxi
Ubuntu 20.4 server
24GB Ram
8 core cpu
1.9 TB NVME storage ( get greater that 10000 iops - tested)

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Add the chain id to the init: heimdalld init --home /var/lib/heimdall --chain-id ${HEIMDALL_CHAIN_ID}

Or hard-code that if you’re not using environment vars.

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thanks alot, that did it.