Heimdall v0.2.12 - Mumbai Release

A new version of heimdall is available - v0.2.12. All validator nodes need to upgrade to v0.2.12 as quickly as possible. This release includes changes required for RPC calls happening to L1 chain (ethereum / goerli) from heimdall to be EIP-155 compliant. It also uses the latest bor client module and includes related changes.

Note: This upgrade has to be done on an urgent basis on validator nodes relying on alchemy RPC endpoints for main chain i.e. ethereum or goerli. Alchemy will be enforcing EIP-155 at their end from 21st October, 2022 and hence all the transactions which are being sent from heimdall should be EIP-155 compliant. It is advisable to update validator nodes before that. Sentry/Full nodes/Archive nodes can also be upgraded but it is not urgent.

Instructions to Upgrade

These are the instructions to upgrade heimdall on your nodes:

  1. Upgrade heimdall to the latest version:

    cd ~/heimdall
    git pull
    git checkout v0.2.12
    make install network=mumbai
  2. Ensure that you are on the latest version:

    heimdalld version
    # It should return
    # 0.2.12
  3. Restart heimdalld, heimdalld-rest-server

    sudo service heimdalld restart
    sudo service heimdalld-rest-server restart
  4. [On Validator Nodes only] Restart heimdalld-bridge:

    # On Validator nodes only:
    sudo service heimdalld-bridge restart
  5. Restart the telemetry service

    sudo service telemetry restart

Docker image: Use v0.2.12 or latest tag on Docker Hub

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