Heimdall Upgrade - v0.2.1-mainnet

Hey Everyone!

We have recently released a new Heimdall version that contains an upgrade for Checkpoint Optimization. This upgrade lowers the checkpoint cost by 2.5x less which is a great boon for the community. Earlier, the checkpoint used to cost 3.2 million gas units. With the latest upgrade, it comes down to less than 900k.

This upgrade also has fixes for Proper Bonus. Bonus that is shared with the Validator that submits the checkpoints.

This upgrade is a time block event, so you will need to upgrade your Heimdall on both your nodes (Sentry + Validator) by Tuesday 30th March.

To upgrade your Heimdall on your Sentry and Validator node, please follow the instructions below:

Please ensure that you upgrade the Sentry node first and then the Validator node but do ensure to upgrade both nodes with the latest Bor upgrade.

cd ~/heimdall
git pull
git checkout v0.2.1-mainnet
make install
sudo service heimdalld restart

The same steps are for your Validator nodes as well.

On your Validator node once you’ve upgraded to the latest Heimdall version, you will need to restart your Bridge and Rest Server services as well

sudo service heimdalld-bridge restart
sudo service heimdalld-rest-server restart

Once upgraded on both your nodes, please drop a message on the channel that you’ve successfully updated your Heimdall as an acknowledgment.

Ideally, you shouldn’t be facing any issues whilst doing the upgrade. But if you do face any issues please post it on the #validator-queries channel on Discord and we will look into it.