Heimdall syncing problem

I’m using this snapshot https://forum.polygon.technology/t/snapshots-for-blockchain-state-3rd-march/629
Heimdall start syncing for a while and than crash (can’t be resumed). I think the problem isn’t the snapshot, but something else. I’m attaching the log

What’s the amount of the RAM on your machine? Also, try an earlier snapshot?

The machine have 62G RAM.
I resolve the problem. I was running setup without sentry and I was set the machine itself for “private_peer_ids”. Error handling is terrible and user can’t understand what is wrong…

Hello friend,how do you use snapshots?I just unzip snapshot file to the heimdall/data, but run heimdall start, no logs are printed except “starting ABCI with Tendermint”.
Am I missing something?

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