Heimdall syncing problem

I’m using this snapshot https://forum.polygon.technology/t/snapshots-for-blockchain-state-3rd-march/629
Heimdall start syncing for a while and than crash (can’t be resumed). I think the problem isn’t the snapshot, but something else. I’m attaching the log

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What’s the amount of the RAM on your machine? Also, try an earlier snapshot?

The machine have 62G RAM.
I resolve the problem. I was running setup without sentry and I was set the machine itself for “private_peer_ids”. Error handling is terrible and user can’t understand what is wrong…

Hello friend,how do you use snapshots?I just unzip snapshot file to the heimdall/data, but run heimdall start, no logs are printed except “starting ABCI with Tendermint”.
Am I missing something?


Me too. Any solution?