Heimdall Mainnet Upgrade: v0.2.12 [Action Required]

Hello Validators,

We have released a new version of Hemidall v0.2.12. The upgrade is critical for validator nodes and must be completed as soon as possible.

This release ensures that RPC calls from heimdall to Ethereum/Goerli are EIP 155 compliant and uses the latest version of the bor client module.

Why this upgrade is urgent for validators?

By October 21, 2022, Alchemy will have made its RPC endpoints for Ethereum/Goerli EIP155 compliant. As a result, validators must make sure that the transactions they submit from heimdall are also EIP155 compliant.

Although not urgent, the upgrade is crucial for validator nodes using other RPC endpoints too.

Instructions to Upgrade

These are the instructions to upgrade heimdall on your nodes:

  1. Upgrade heimdall to the latest version:

    cd ~/heimdall
    git pull
    git checkout v0.2.12
    make install
  2. Ensure that you are on the latest version:

    heimdalld version
    # It should return
    # 0.2.12
  3. Restart heimdalld, heimdalld-rest-server

    sudo service heimdalld restart
    sudo service heimdalld-rest-server restart
  4. [On Validator Nodes only] Restart heimdalld-bridge:

    # On Validator nodes only:
    sudo service heimdalld-bridge restart
  5. Restart the telemetry service

    sudo service telemetry restart

Docker image: Use v0.2.12 or latest tag on Docker

Polygon Team

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