Grants requested by DeFiner

Submission Date
December 4, 2021

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @DeFiner
Discord: DeFiner
GitHub: DeFiner.Org · GitHub

Project Description

DeFiner 1.0 serves as any DeFi lending protocol in the market; it’s used for crypto savings, loans, and payments. The protocol aggregates crypto deposits from lenders for users to borrow against the collateral asset deposited. DeFiner 1.0 is unique because it auto deploys any unused capital on other money market protocols, like Compound, to optimize utilization.

We aim to become a multi-chain protocol to offer lending of cross-chain assets. Our current product, DeFiner 1.0, has already been deployed in both the Ethereum and OKExChain networks with plans to launch on Binance Smart Chain, Near, and Harmony networks soon. DeFiner currently has over $6 million funds deposited and growing.

The next phase of our product is what we call DeFiner 2.0, which will be a permissionless and configurable lending protocol with users’ privacy 100% protected. The key differentiators of DeFiner 2.0 include:

-Permissionless. The lending factory built into our smart contract enables users to list any crypto assets they want, including long-tail, low-cap assets.
-Configurable: Users will have the ability to create a lending pool based on configurable parameters, such as interest rate model, risk model, and oracle model.
-Private: Users can enable our ZK proof wallet transfers to do an encrypted internal transfer so only the user knows what the destination address is and where the balance is being transferred to.

We will soon be launching a fully functional, one-of-a-kind, DeFi iOS app which will enable users to have a better experience interacting with the DeFiner ecosystem. The mobile app will facilitate accessibility and convenience for users. Our unique app will increase the volume of users, as it will penetrate the growing mobile-adoption market and make DeFiner easier to use.

Amount requested

100,000 USD


Stage 1: DeFiner 1.0 on Polygon Mainnet Launch - $60K

$60K for marketing events to incentivize users to use the Polygon blockchain for lending, borrowing, and staking:
Establish liquidity mining and staking pools. DeFiner will match $140k with our FIN token.
Encourage and motivate the community via airdrops, media reports, and other campaigns.
Expected TVL: $12 million.
Expected monthly active users: 5,000.
Transactions per month: 20,000.
Accumulative loans: $50 million.

Stage 2: DeFiner 1.0 iOS Mobile Polygon Mainnet Launch - $40K

$10K for integration, development and testing.
$30k for marketing events to incentivize users to both download and access the Polygon ecosystem through the DeFiner mobile app.
Enhance app UI/UX based on user feedback.
Onboard Polygon-based projects onto the app, such as DEXs (swaps).
Expected TVL: $20 million.
Expected monthly active users: 12,000.
Transactions per month: 50,000.
Accumulative loans: $75 million.


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Congratulations on getting through, I’ll try to use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

User in… Current Achievement.




and more info

I think this APR is very competitive but I feel there are some issues. First, the pricing of $FIN tokens is fixed at $0.15. Is this not supported by Oracle? Here’s the actual price, 0.068$-now

It is assessed in this way. This is a significant risk that potentially puts other assets at risk. It is very dangerous if not remedied.

That’s all I have to report.