Grant Requested by Hedgey Finance

Submission Date

November 6, 2021

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Project Description

Hedgey Finance is building the protocol to bring options markets to any token. Hedgey leverages the power of options trading to bring value to token teams, DAOs and investors, unlocking the idle token balances of Polygon DAOs for diversification, hedging, leveraged exposure, and many other use cases using options as tools for treasury and portfolio management.

Amount Requested



50 Active Options Markets - target of 50 token options markets on Hedgey - $10k

$500k TVL- obtain $500k of TVL on the polygon network hedgey token pairs - $10k

$1mm Notional Value Traded (Polygon) - measure $ traded in the underlying options notional value on the Polygon network - $20k

Grant Request Status

Completed Denied