Grant request for TipJPYC

Submission Date

2022 / 5 /12

Project Link

Project Description

  • TipJPYC is an instant payment system on Twitter using JPYC which is JPY pegged stable coin.
  • Once you deposit JPYC to our service, you can transfer JPYC to any Twitter user with no gas fee and waiting time.

Amount Requested

8,000 USD


  • Current status

    • Since we launched tipjpyc on Feb 18th 2022, we archived over 1k users and 4600 tip transactions.
  • Stage 1 : Fortune NFT command - $30k

    • For the first step, we will make a new command “fortume”, which you can draw a fortune on twitter by using our service. A fortune example is below.
    • For the second step, we want to distribute a fortune as NFT. We will ask the design of fortune NFT to the public. Also, the profit from the fortune NFT will be distributed to the creator of the NFT design.
【Fortune tip】
Health ★★★★★★★
Work ★★★★
Lucky coler blue
Lucky item hand bag
  • Stage 2: Automated withdraw system and low withdrawal fees - $20k

    • Currently, for security reasons, we manually sending JPYC to user in withdrawal operations. Therefore, we are charging 100JPYC for a withdrawal fee. By automating the withdrawal process, the withdrawal fee will be reduced and user experience will be enhanced.
    • Stage 3: Enable to use deposit and withdraw commends in direct message. - $20 k
      • Currently, when a user makes a deposit or withdrawal, the user’s address is opened on Twitter. It is undesirable for the address to be made public. Therefore, in order to ensure that users can use this service safely, we will make it possible for user to make a deposit and withdraw dia DM (direct message).
  • $10k : Marketing

    • We will use this budget for marketing such as the prize of idea contest of tipJPYC.