Grant request for Swidge

Submission Date
21th Mai 2022

Author Name

Project Links
Website & MVP: (work in progress)
Discord: Swidge

Executive summary

Swidge is a multi-chain any-to-any swap protocol that enables the user to exchange assets and swap across multiple chains with only one confirmation of your wallet.

By aggregating Bridging Solutions and DEXs across multiple chains and routing between them, Swidge ensures the cheapest and quickest pathway for the transaction while reducing the complexity for the end user substantially.

Amount Requested
50,000 USD

Current Status and Milestones

Stage 1

  • We are currently developing the MVP to facilitate our first Swidge between Polygon and Fantom (ETA: End of Month).

  • The landing page is being reworked, check back for the updated version end of week.

  • Once thoroughly tested we will roll out and enable Swidging to a multitude EVM compatible chains add a wide set of assets to swap to, giving you true any-to-any swaps.

Stage 2

  • We will bring special features such as our Native Swidge to the market. This will make the experience for users even more convenient. Enabling them to pay for transactions on the new chain, they swidge and will have a proportion of their sent amount swapped to the native asset of the chain.

  • We are already looking at integrating with non-EVM chains and will turn our attention to this once the MVP is finished.

  • The Omnichain Dashboard will add the third component of the platform and be developed by end of Q3, helping users to monitor their cross-chain assets and swidge in the same place.


Hey there, for grant requests please apply through the village website.


hey! was just about to double-check that - I remember reading to post here also (but it was an old posit) - that’s no longer necessary CouchV?


no worries, we get you !

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