Grant Request for AfroChicks

Project Name: AfroChicks NFT

Opensea link:

AfroChicks is a 1/1 NFT project lead by British triple jump champion.

it has two goals - to support unfunded athletes,and to increase diversity in web 3.


  • founded by naomi, each afrochick sale directly goes towards helping her sporting journey. so far Afrochicks has traded 3.9 ETH polygon with no prior web 3 or crypto knowledge. this has allowed naomi to go from 16th in the world to 12th in the world through training camps and travel fees to train at the national UK training centre. all reciepts can be provided.

  • afrochicks has donated 0.15 ETH to lloyd cowan foundation which helps underfunded athletes and coaches

  • naomi the founder hosts a weekly space with womeninnfts celebrating black women and non binary people in web 3. with an average of 100 black women showing up weekly.

what would the grant be used for?

  • creating afrochicks kit for 2 other young unsponsored athletes to wear and train in and running workshops to onboard young athletes into web 3.

grant request: $3000 dollars.

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