Grant Request By Zo World

Submission date

November 24, 2021

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Project Description

Zo World Inc. is a Wyoming, US, based company making travel safer and easier for digital nomads with all of their travel needs taken care of by the destination’s local community.
Live, travel, and work from around the world with everything sorted by the Zo community.
We are active travel partners for 200+ individuals, clocking over $8000 in bookings every day, growing 60% every month.
Zo World is Web3 first for organizing bounties, incentives, and rewards for the early stages of community & marketplace. DAOs, NFTs, Tokens, and AR enable a decentralized local community-led solution.

Amount Requested

100000 USD


Mobile App launch, this app will enable the community to build the Zo World in their own region and your explorations, along with using the same app for traveling, meeting new people, designing and reserving experiences and trips as needed. Targeting it to be launched out of beta by Q1 2022. Budgeting 40k for app development.

An online portal and marketplace for managing DOPE (Decentralised Operations). This will enable decentralized teams to manage their local travel business, create trips and unique experiences in the region. Budgeting 40k for the development and targeting Q2 2022.
10k of the 11,111 founders minted and granted, 5555 public minted and 4445 granted to the community. Targeting all, except reserved(1,111), to be granted by the end of Q4 2022, budgeting 20k.

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team