Grant Request by Z Metaverse DAO

Submission Date
Febrary 5, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @zmetaversedao

Project Description

Next generation DAO, tools & resources for metaverse & NFT projects.

We believe Metaverse & NFT projects should be owned & managed not by a handful of VCs and brands or founders themselves but by all of its community in a decentralized way and in a degree proportionate to their actual contribution and this is what we will be trying to achieve by creating our own next generation DAO and relevant tools also gathering resources and providing support for other projects to follow.

We are also building our own metaverse project following Play-to-earn model and enabling people to live, work and play within in the best way possible. We already made our first MetaHuman avatar as NFT token with utilities which we will be dropping soon for our community and giving away for supporters.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  1. DAO’s Beta version launch and tools development in q1 2022 ~ $30,000 usd
  2. Initial marketing and adverstising ~ $20,000 usd