Grant Request by WEB 3.0 Syndicate

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January 17, 2022

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Project Description

                 WEB 3.0 Syndicate

WEB 3.0 Syndicate is a partnership of a few startups that unites several communities that are interested in WEB 3.0, NFT, GameFi, etc.
First NFT Agency & C24 Games.

Who we are and what we are doing:

First NFT Agency (FNA) is a full-service provider and platform for business growth. We are offering turn-key solutions for entrepreneurs, people of art, celebrities, game developers, real estate companies, law firms, and other end-users of NFT’s.

FNA is an agency for the digitization of (almost) everything on the blockchain. We currently serve the blockchain domain market, tokenize existing art collections, or create digitally native tokenized collections.

Our mission: FNA is an agency for the digitization of (almost) everything on the blockchain.

What we do: We use NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to help startups to raise their first investment, tokenize existing art collections, or create digitally native tokenized collections (personages, games artifacts, etc.) and use NFTs in many other ways. We currently serve the blockchain domain market (tez, eth, nft, 888, eth, .zil, and .crypto) and manage domain portfolios for large holders and buyers.

What we’ve done: We did several NFT specific community events, created several commercially successful NFT series, tokenized works of art, and collaborated with leading tech projects to make the most of the NFT technology.

We were the first NFT agency in Ukraine to digitize art series and deliver it to customers.

Developing different project concepts in the NFT field,
Managing projects from zero to MVP,
Providing consulting and educational services,
Selling individual solutions.

Our cases:

During the Unstoppable Domain hackathon, we developed Metaverse Fund proof of concept for the DAO & marketplace for Unstoppable Domains and won the prize for this project.

NFT collection “Blockchain Heroes” was created and successfully sold.

We created and distributed NFT tickets for the Money of the Future international conference - we created both the art and tech parts.

Collectible NFTs for the BlockchainUA international conference, these NFTs are to be raffled among participants who bought a VIP pass

Working on a generative art project Crypto Cossacks, we have a working beta that is available upon request.

We have created Apes collection on Tezos blockchain Crypto Apes: Modern Art NFTs on Tezos by FNA

Real-life asset digitization - Homo Bostonus sculpture HOMO BOSTONUS
Life transfiguration work of art
We also work on movies to combine art and blockchain FNA project "Life Transfiguration" digital art and classic traditional art - world is changing. - YouTube
You can see several of our events where young artists presented their art Шестой ивент NFT UNITED PEOPLE. Показали новую коллекцию, лигал стейдж и NFT vaults from APYSwap. - YouTube
Digitalization of the real-life art of the famous Ukrainian painter Владимир Гарбуз про серию своих работ "Космогония" на 4ивенте NFT United People. - YouTube Volodymyr Harbuz - Wikipedia
We developed NFT sport projects

For the Dinamo Kyiv soccer club

For Vladimir Klitchko - famous Ukrainian boxer and mayor of Kyiv

Joint project with ApySwap
Share the NFTs with APYSwap

We did several crypto events“NFT United People”

We are regular speakers at conferences.

Other links:
1FNA lightpaper.pdf
Life Transfiguration.pdf
MARS 2k48.pdf
NFT Metamarketplace from FNA (3).pdf
Unstoppable Domains DAO.pdf

C24 Games

CryptoBrewMaster (Beta version)

Cryptobrewmaster is a beer brewing game from and for craft beer scene enthusiasts. Brew beer from different ingredients, trade, upgrade your brewery with collectible cards, evolve the character, Earn the CBM token, and buy a beer in the real world by exchanging it on a cryptocurrency exchange Cryptex24

Promo Video Welcome - CryptoBrewMaster
Site - Cryptobrewmaster - The Craft Beer Game
TG RU - Telegram: Contact @usercryptobeer
TG EN - Telegram: Contact @cryptobrewmaster
Twitter -
Discord - Discord

Ocean Planet (Alpha version)
Ocean Planet is an online game where anyone can become a true adventurer made on the Hive Blockchain (OceanPlanet) In the nearest future, our world turned out to be not only flooded but also frozen all the way through. Will you be a self-confident treasure hunter, a cunning merchant, or a charismatic warrior? It’s up to you to decide because the new world requires new heroes!

Game site -
Twitter -
UA Telegram - Telegram: Contact @oceanplanet_ua
EN Telegram - Telegram: Contact @oceanplanet_en
Discord - Ocean Planet

Fishmaster (demo)
Fishmaster is an economic strategy dedicated to fishing, farming, and a restaurant lifestyle.



Limited 10K Beer Punks Avatars
Utilized by CryptoBrewMaster | Ocean Planet and upcoming Beerverse Participate in an upcoming Beerverse DAO and get an MCBM Airdrop

We aim to develop the web 3 technologies, onboarding new users, build and educate the community

Now we are at the stage when we are looking forward to scaling our projects, hiring a community manager, some moderators, and starting marketing.

To structure all this, we need funding or a partnership with a large blockchain project that could help us implement the projects we have started.

Amount Requested

50,000 USD


We ask for 50k USDC funding divided by 4 milestones paid in advance

  • Mint and further distribution of Beerpunks
  • CryptoBrewMaster login via Polygon Mainnet
  • Educational courses start on the with NFT’s as diplomas made on -the Polygon Mainnet
  • NFT Movie postproduction and, Presentation and NFT Minting

Happy to answer any questions if needed!

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btw instagram link is broken)

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We can explain more about any of our projects, feel free to contact us :v:

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Successfully closed the milestone!
TY Polygon DAO

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This grant was spent by adding Polygon login method to the CryptoBrewMaster game and payments in Matic + USDC

CryptoBrewMaster team is not affiliated with web3.0 Syndicate and First NFT Agency since June 2022