Grant Request by WalliD ETH signatures

Submission Date
January 24, 2022

Project Links

Website: WalliD
Medium: WalliD – Medium
Github: WalliD · GitHub

Project Description

WalliD is an (HEUD)Ethereum-based wallet for ID assets that is compatible with Legacy and Decentralized ID protocols and enables users to authenticate on the web3 and web2 and verify those ID assets on webapps and dApps.

DocuSign is one of those webapps that integrated with WalliD in order to allow web3 users to use their document management platform and sign or request signatures for their documents with a proof-of-ID based on users Ethereum wallet addresses or ENS domains

The integration between DocuSign and WalliD is complete and will be launched later this year.

We are now building the on-chain proof-of signature infrastructure that will allow for the public verification of the document and respective signatures on Polygon.

For this we will connect the integrated WalliD/DocuSign’s Apis and flows with a smart contract factory that will deploy an ERC-1155 contract that will store the proof-of-signature.

The proof-of-signature will be an NFT pointing to the a database storing the signed PDF and will be issued to all it’s signers wallets.

The NFT will contain the hash with PDF signed by all intervinients as well as the their public address.

The verification process will be made seamless through a web app interface that will query and very the proof-of-signature based on the signed PDF itself.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


Proof-of-signature smart contract factory on Mumbai Test network - we’ll start by building the infrastructure on the test network and reach out to the developer community to help test it out from a technical and value proposition standpoint. This milestone starts once the grant is accepted and will take 3 weeks to complete - 2K USD upfront

Proof-of-signature launch on Mainnet - We’ll launch and audit the smart contract once it is beta tested on the milestone above. We’ll reach out to the DAOs in the Polygon ecosystem and offer private beta access to all features regarding PDF signatures with Eth addresses and on-chain proof-of-signatures. This milestone starts at week 4 and will take 4 more weeks. We propose the remaining grants should be divided in half and awarded at the beginning and conclusion of the milestone.

Here’s a live demo of the POC (at ETH global NFT Hack 2022) - WalliD - ENS signatures on DocuSign - YouTube


After reviewing this grant carefully we have taking the hard decision of not awarding it this time.

It is an interesting project but you are not yet at beta stage and it appears that you do not to have an MVP. Not matured enough for a grant.

I would like to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,