Grant Request by Vodra

Submission Date
February 3, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @vodratoken
Facebook: Vodra
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Discord Server: Vodra
TikTok: Vodra - Crypto Meets Content (@vodratoken) TikTok | Watch Vodra - Crypto Meets Content's Newest TikTok Videos

Project Description

Vodra is a creator compensation platform; our mission is to allow creators to pursue their passions while being fairly compensated. We accomplish this task with a suite of platform agnostic donation tools from Livestream tips & donations, to monthly subscriptions & reward tiers. Every tool is used with the Vodra Token ($VDR) which is the native ERC20 and soon to be Polygon token. This allows creators to receive donations with very minimal fees, but also creates a token economic model where creators and audiences are the main beneficiaries of platform growth, as opposed to the existing corporate structure with Twitch (Amazon) or YouTube (Google). By offering a donation platform that puts creators first, we can build a real creator economy, where creators are market participants as opposed to products.

More info can be found in our introduction and whitepaper documents are Vodra | Crypto Meets Content

We can also provide our slidedeck and creator onboarding deck at request.

Amount requested
100,000 USD


Polygon Bridge, Fiat Onramp, Livestream donation integrations: Completion by April 2022: $30,000 - Cost Breakdown: UI/UX Designer $2500 for 4 months. Back-end developer support $3500 4 months. Organizational/Promotional expenses $6000.

NFT support (Donation of NFT’s), Entertainment layer for broadcasts, recurring donations/subscriptions: Completion by July 2022. $50,000 - Cost Breakdown: Animator/Graphic artist $2000 4 months, Blockchain backend (NFT focus) $3500 4 months. Creator/Agency Partnerships (eSports, Twitch) $25,000-28,000 (rough estimate based on current agency proposals from Fnatic, Prodigy, Liquid etc.)

Project crowdfunding/voting, expansion of entertainment layer to include votes, creator income tracking tools, $VDR token DAO improvements: Completion by October 2022: $20,000 - Animator/Graphic artist $2000 4 months. Smart contract audit after improvements $5000. Tracking tool development (front & back) $6000. Misc $1000.

Cost structure based on current expenses and active proposals in the case of partnerships or promotions.

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