Grant Request by Viageur

Submission Date
February 22, 2022

Project Links

Discord: VVIP
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Project Description

We are building an app that lets travelers plan their activities and stay safe from COVID, crime, and racial and LGTBQ+ concerns using ML and blockchain. The aim is to build the app on the Polygon blockchain, providing users with the option of enhanced personalization and security. Travelers will also be able to use our native token VVIP, already on Polygon, as a means of payment and access to our travel loyalty program with other travel brands.

Our token contract - 0x622306139d25e11058c1dfef0f6e8141c82a16cd

Our MVP is available for private use.

Please see our whitepaper -

Amount requested
9,500 USD


  • NFT Contract and Minting Website - $3500- to be completed June 2022
  • Pre Sale ICO website - $4000 - to be completed by June 2022
  • Marketing for initial Airdrop and pending NFT project - $2,000 - to be completed March 2022