Grant Request by Vesq

Submission Date

January 12, 2022

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Project Description

Vesq launched early this month on Polygon and has proven to have a very professional team, solid gameplan, and powerful backers. Vesq has been acknowledged by Olympus DAO, the original project that Vesq is forked from and inspired by. Vesq purchased $2 million of gOHM for its treasury to align the vision for both projetcs.

Some impressive partnerships include:

• – Which will enable $VSQ as collateral so you can lend against your VSQ and use 9,9 strategies or deploy your loans elsewhere.

• FRAX - FRAX have invested 300K of their treasury into VESQ!

• Chainlink – Vesq is integrating Chainlink Price Feeds to determine the value of treasury and bonding assets, and Chainlink Keepers to automate its rebasing function.

• Vesq have just facilitated the move of Redacted wxBTRFLY too to the Polygon network as well!

Vesq has given us a glimpse into what is to come as well. Here are the things to look forward to in the future plans:

-OTC Engine:
Our OTC engine will enable, large buy and sell orders without effecting price impact or slippage, users can trade freely with each other p2p without the need of an AMM, buy and sell orders will be opened to an order book, with users able to buy and sell, the price is set dynamically to the current market with users allowed to offer a discount (allowing them to sell quicker) but not hike the price up.

-Learn to Earn:
If you have heard me on our AMA’s, you would now know how big I am on educating the people of DeFi, this includes risk, usage and of course the protocol itself, we are creating a platform where our users can earn VSQ by learning, we are creating courses, videos and other articles related to this, there will be a large bounty on our earners.

-Launch Pad:
Info TBA

As you are all aware, we are giving our role members (Gen Dao, OG, Server Boosters) an NFT, It’s not just an ordinary NFT, it will have special powers!, it will enable the NFT holders access to more utilization of the protocol including, higher APY, etc (more details TBA).

-VSQ Lottery:
Just like how OHM do 3,3 together we have a plan in place to introduce a similar feature, but more fair, like the PancakeSwap lottery system, where random numbers are chosen (just like the real lottery system IRL) and the winning numbers win the pot, all you have to do is stake your sVSQ into the lottery contract to partake, you will not lose you sVSQ, but only the rebases will go into the pot.

-Governance Tokens:
We are in discussion on holding other protocol governance tokens such and gOHM, CVX, FXS and others to allow us to participate in decisions.

Our aim to be truly decentralised.

-Cross chain:
We have plans already being placed to go cross chain, starting with Fantom and expanding to other networks, but would make Polygon the main chain, and coming only after being established.

Amount Requested

250,000 USD


Learn to Earn Development - Our learn to earn platform - 50,000
Launch Pad Development - Launch Pad platform - 50,000
Salary (content creators, marketers, community managers) - 50,000
Marketing - 100,000


Its Great! Vesq building the Wall Street and Silicon Valley in the Polygon Metaverse.
Vesq2.0 = DAO2.0


Very interesting project with a lot of big named backers. Might be a major force on Polygon in the near future!

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