Grant Request by Unchained Music

Submission Date
February 10, 2022

Project Links

Discord: Unchained Music

Project Description
An equitable music distribution protocol that uses DeFi NFTs and liquidity providing to provide a no-loss solution to artists. 100% free. Forever.

We’re able to offer no-fee music distribution to artists by building on top of Charged Particles platform on the polygon network and performing what we term ‘royalty capture’. As royalties come back from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, we take those royalties and place them inside a DeFi NFT that is deployed for the artist. Through Charged Particles’ integration with AAVE, these royalties that are represented in USDC gain interest, the artist is able to keep 100% of their principal royalty amount, and Unchained Music keeps the interest accumulated.

This is different from the legacy music distribution industry that operates either on a subscription model where you pay up front for music distribution, or they take 15% or more of royalties from the artists. We do neither.

Grant approved

5,000 USD


  • Automating the minting process for the music artist’s NFTs by hooking into Charged Particles API/SDK, as well as developing, auditing, and deploying the smart contracts that will form the basis for our peer to peer marketplace