Grant Request by UFORIKA

Submission Date
February 10, 2022

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Project Description

Uforika is a celebration of the metaverse! Inspired by a combination of metaverse ecosystems, traditional gaming titles as well as fictional literature and film, Uforika gives users a decentralised tokenised platform offering hope and opportunity to a global audience in a 3D/VR based universe.

Uforika is the gateway to the open metaverse, combining all elements of the metaverse experience e.g. a native gaming loop, educational gamification & interaction, business & retail advertising opportunities & experiences as well as social networking, entertainment events and play to earn opportunities. Using blockchain technology and economics, Uforika rewards users for their contributions to the ecosystem; whilst this has become known as “play to earn”, Uforika seeks to go further, expanding this concept to a broader term - “engage to earn”.

Whilst Uforika can be enjoyed as a game in its own right, not all users need to be gamers - users from all walks of life will be able to virtually immerse themselves in Uforika, whether that be meeting friends to go shopping, meeting with work colleagues to attend business events & conferences or grouping together to attend a music event or watch a movie, Uforika is a place where communities and individuals can come together to build a new reality, a redefined reality!

Recent global events have taught us that central economic models are vulnerable to circumstances beyond control. Whether that be in the face of a global pandemic or other geopolitical events, individual lives have been severely impacted as well as businesses that serve communities. These circumstances combined have left individuals searching for new income streams that mitigate the risk of wider external factors affecting their earning opportunity. Blockchain technology & play to earn has demonstrated that it can deliver this income stream for users and Uforika’s mission is to enable the global population with an engage to earn approach - we believe that people will adopt and understand new technology quicker when proactively interacting with it; as such, we aim to on-board all levels of user from complete blockchain newcomers all the way through to advanced enthusiasts.

On Uforika, users (known as Fortians) can earn by:

• Competing in IKA battles & tournaments
• Competing in Hover Board races & tournaments
• Buying & selling virtual planet real estate plots
• Leasing purchased planet real estate plots to other users
• Making virtual real estate available in an Air B&B style to accommodate “tourists” in to Uforika from other platforms, opening up a new virtual travel business economy
• Benefit from advertising revenue via Ad-Stations located across the planet cities

Fortians can also benefit from Uforika experiences such as:
• Access to exclusive virtual event content e.g. “backstage passes” / “After parties” / VIP Event passes
• Exclusive VR content only available on Uforika.

UFORIKA is a newly discovered planet, paving the way for a brighter future where users from all generations can build new communities to create new dreams, aspirations & opportunities whilst actively engaging with and learning about blockchain technology.
The native token of Uforika is $FORA and inhabitants will be known as Fortians.

The Uforika metaverse is made up of virtual planet plots that can be purchased and governed by FORA token holders. Using an NFT mechanism, Uforika’s significant user base will allow monetisation opportunities via advertising and sponsorship offering revenue sharing incentives for Fortians.

UFORIKA is made up of 7 cities located across the planet, each with a different function:

• HOMA - this is the residential city where Fortians can buy, sell & rent virtual residential real estate. Fortians can build, customise & furnish their properties as they wish using the Uforika SDK (software development kit) or purchase content from the Uforika marketplace
• ARENA - this is where all IKA battles take place
• FITNA - this is the fitness & wellness city where Fortians can go to for a virtual workout for themselves & take in a wealth of green spaces that surround the UFORIKA fountain - a place of
mindfulness & relaxation when needed
• ENTA - this is the entertainment city where all entertainment events take place - purchase your NFT tickets with $FORA and enjoy a virtual music concert, see a virtual theatre show, attend
a conference, go to the cinema…
• BIZEDA - the business & education city. This is the place where B2B activity can occur - host a business event for partners & colleagues, run a B2B conference, engage in B2B networking
activities, locate a business HQ. It is also the place of education where users can attend Uforika University to learn more about crypto & blockchain in addition to other educational activities
• PLAYA - the hub of playtime - Fortians come here to access the best of the best from across the blockchain gaming network. Engage & have fun in an immersive environment - the choice
is yours. Playa is also the location for Hover Board racing events and race circuits can be accessed here.
• SHOPA - the city of retail & commerce - Fortians can come here to engage in an immersive shopping experience across brands that are both familiar and new, purchasing items using
Across the metaverse, Fortians will be able to truly immerse themselves in a virtual ecosystem offering social & financial opportunity for all.

Amount requested
242,000 USD


Milestone 1 - Marketing to drive towards Public Sale - Onboarding Marketing agency and marketing expense over a three month period starting mid-Feb - $200,000

Milestone 2 - Smart Contract development - Process of developing and submitting for audit the $FORA smart contract and the vesting contract in partner with solidity developer - $12,000

Milestone 3 - Continuation of Conceptual Artwork - Further development of visual artwork and scoping development of technical build - look and feel - $30,000