Grant Request by Thropic - NFTs for Social Good

Submission Date
February 7, 2022

Project Links

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Discord: Discord
Medium: Thropic – Medium

Project Description

A trusted service provider, Thropic helps nonprofits broaden their engagement with younger donors by offering a suite of cryptographically secure digital assets.

The Thropic NFT platform connects creators and social impact causes on a single decentralized ecosystem built for charity. With cause centric collections and built-in donations, our NFT exchange helps nonprofits bridge their communities over to Web 3.0.

We are in the process of implementing Polygon onto the platform but need some additional funding to fully integrate.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


First and foremost, we need to increase the amount of dedicated servers. We will be implementing CDNs for international users along with load balancers and API gateways.

More specifically, the bulk of the grant request (~$30,000) will go towards upgrading our load balancers, application servers and database servers. We have allocated the following expenses for each:

  • Load balancer (managed) for application servers: $10/month

  • 30 application servers (8 vCPU, 32GB RAM) at $160 each: $4,300/month

  • 2 database servers (12 vCPU, 48GB RAM) at $240 each: $400/month

  • 1 queue server (8 vCPU, 32GB RAM): $160/month

  • 3 workers (8 vCPU, 32GB RAM) to process data from queue into database at $160 each: $480/month

  • Pinata IPFS: $20/month ~Unlimited storage at $0.15/GB

The other $20,000 per the grant request will allow us to create our own secondary charitable database to keep everything in house. Currently, we are utilizing Givinga’s database of $1.8m+ nonprofits and funneling the donations via their Donor Advised Fund.

Our goal is to develop an internal solution to onboard charities that does not rely on outsourced third parties. Furthermore, we would like to control the data flow of this process in a granular form.