Grant Request by ThePASS

Submission Date
February 9, 2022

Project Links

Discord: The PASS
Medium: ThePASS – Medium

Project Description

What’s The PASS?

The PASS is a new DAO launcher and management platform, helping creators and DAOs create, display, manage, and govern DAOs ,especially through NFT PASSes. (Beta)

The PASS offers a full suite of service tools for creators, including DAO creation, Financing through FT launch and NFT PASSes launch, Engagement and Governance, which helps them mainly in the following details:
Creation: DAO launch and information aggregation
Financing: Get support from communities through FT or NFT PASSes ( Bonding Curve NFT PASSes/Fixed priced NFT PASSes and Staking Token Based NFT PASSes)
Engagement: The PASS is a key to vanilla ecos like Townhall, Squad or other third party platforms including Discord, Telegram, metaverse, etc though The PASS bot
Governance:Voting through NFT PASSes and DAO treasury analytic tool

Amount requested
35,000 USD


Stage1: DAO Launch, NFT PASS Launch ( Bonding Curve NFT PASS, Staking Token NFT PASS, Fixed Priced NFT PASS)
Stage2: DAO directory, DAO News
Budget: 5k
Stage3: Dashboard,Voting
Budget: 10k
Stage3: FT Launch
Budget: 10k
Stage4: Grant Function
Budget: 10k