Grant Request by The CREATE Program

Submission Date

January 27, 2022

Project Links

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Project Description

The CREATE Program is a tokenized, Discord-based, innovation-education program where participants (Dreamers) finish specific quests—such as watching a course, reading an article, referring a friend—in return for CREATE tokens. There will be 10 levels of achievement; each level with its set of quests, rewards, and community. And, at level 10, Dreamers get to pitch a startup idea in return for an investment, and join the Creators alumni community. This alumni community then helps govern the program.

We are aiming for 50,000 Dreamers (thus 50,000 wallets) within the next 2 years. Our goal is to reach around 5,000 startup pitches within a five-year period, and most of which will be Web3 oriented. The societal/economic impact of this development is beyond any current local measurements, but what we know for sure is that this program can be a history-shifting breakthrough.

We already have a user-list of 1105 individuals (with their contact details) through a course ( we launched last year. This means we can beta-launch with participants that are deeply keen to join.

One more thing. Aragon (whom I’m an Ambassador for) recently launched on Polygon. This means that the token transfer/voting mechanism is ready to go. This saves a lot of time and resources.

Amount Requested

12500 USD


The CREATE Program Roadmap (5/Feb/2022-5/June/2022)

5/Feb-5/Apr (Setting-up period)

Quests: We will curate ~45 hours of quests, across 5 levels, for our soft-launch on 5/4. The quests process/goals will be audited by an educational expert to make sure we are providing maximum value for our early Dreamers. (I will lead this process along with current advisors). -Quests for this phase will focus on online-based, premium quality educational content that is freely available. Some quests, especially at earlier levels, will develop fundamental skills such as English language mastery. As the level goes higher the quests will start directly addressing skills/knowledge relating to innovation education. ($7500 for the 4 months period based on ~250 hours of work)

Community: We will tap into the list of 1000+ individuals who signed up for our entrepreneurship course last year. From it, we will select ~50 individuals for our first Dreamers cohort. We will prep the Dreamers for the soft-launch (Wallet setup, Discord setup, intros to Polygon/blockchain/Web3). This is a big moment where young MENA-based individuals get their first access to Web3 through Polygon, thousands will follow. (A Community Lead will run this process). ($5,000 for the 4 months period based on ~165 hours of work)

Token Mechanism: Aragon is connected to Polygon already. It will allow us to create a simple mechanism to mint and distribute the non-transferrable CREATE Token to the wallets of Dreamers. (~$0 for the 4 months period)

5/Apr-5/June (Launch & test period)

  • With our quests ready to go, our first 50 Dreamers prepared, and the CREATE token minting mechanism ready, we soft-launch on Discord on 5/April. This will represent our most important milestone thus far. The goal of this phase is to test the whole process, get deep feedback from early Dreamers, and edit accordingly. Here, we will start manually verifying quests finished, and manually transferring CREATE tokens as a reward for finishing quests.

  • We are aiming for the majority of Dreamers to make it to level 5 by the end of this phase (5/June), and they will have a good understanding of each level’s perks and rewards to achieve this goal. For example, we will be setting-up a fire-side chat with a prominent Arab YouTuber, only accessible at level 3 and above. Similar incentives will be inserted throughout the process to motivate Dreamers to get from one level to the other.

  • As soon as we start gaining early successes, we will utilize this for publicity purposes, and to fundraise for upcoming phases. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that young girls and boys are making their mark on the Web3/Polygon and growing through it. It’s a testament to what is yet to come: more quests, hundreds of more Dreamers from Palestine and beyond, and an autonomous CREATE Token rewarding process.

Thanks, @Fleabag for posting about our project. A quick note: We are starting this program with a minimalistic MVP so we test quickly, get early successes and fundraise for the macro program.

For those who believe that Web3’s impact can go beyond the current hype and towards real-world applications, this is the program to support. Put simply, we are equalizing innovation using the fundamentals of Web3.