Grant Request by TETU

Submission Date

October 7, 2021

Project Links
Twitter -
Telegram - Telegram: Contact @tetu_io
Discord - Tetu

Project Description
TETU is a DeFi application built on Polygon that implement automated yield farming strategies in order to provide investors with a safe and secure method of receiving high yield on their investments.

Amount requested

110000 USD


1). Milestone - MVP
TetuPawnshop contract - ERC20 and ERC721 tokens
UI for adding positions and Market place
estimation 5000 active positions
10 000$ budget Breakdown - 8000$ dev salary and 2000$ design

2). Milestone - Growth
Contract improvements - Partial filling positions and multi bids
Backend solution for improving performance
Price feeds for NFT tokens
Recommendation system for Market Place - health factors, profit ratios, hot deals for stable assets
Multi execution - 1 click execution for multiple positions by filter
estimation 50 000 active positions
30 000 $ budget Breakdown - 25 000$ devs salaries and 5000$ design

3). Milestone - Full power
Liquidation mechanic for NFT assets
Implement compound-like for a platform - aggregate positions in pools
DEX with ERC20 orders
estimation 100 000+++ active positions
budget - 70 000$ Breakdown - 60 000$ devs salaries and 10 000$ design

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The request from TETU was approved with the below milestones and budget, changes made during the process from the above application:

"Grant request – $ 50 000

To deliver the MVP for the Tetu Pawnshop we would need the following: -

  1. 20000$- to build the front end for the Tetu Pawnshop contract - ERC20 and ERC721 tokens UI for adding positions and Market place estimation 5000 active positions. We would use this money to pay the front-end developers to make and test the front end

It will include:

  • Open position ui in Uniswap-like style

  • Marketplace for ERC20/ERC721 positions - Opensea-like style

  • Position information

Current progress ~30%

  1. 15000$ - To audit the contract to make sure it’s completely secure for the users to use an interact with. The plan is to get it done by either certik or peckshield whichever provides the best option and price.

  2. 15000$ - To pay the Solidity contract developers and the team who are working on this to make it possible. We will use the funds for the deployment and testing of the contract.

Current progress: the main contract is done, need to build periphery contracts + improve test coverage ~70%

Our goal is to finish the Pawnshop MVP and deploy it in the coming weeks as and if the grant is approved. More growth and functionality are planned to be added in the coming weeks."

We are happy to continue working with the TETU team and push the growth of our ecosystem forward, you can find their post about the grant and much more about their platform here:


Grant Request Status