Grant Request by Tech Talent

Submission Date
January 28, 2022

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Project Description

Tech Talent is a blockchain-based system proposed to help address the worldwide shortage of tech skills. It works by stimulating the search and development of the talents that the digital economy needs. Companies define the technology skills they need by sponsoring digital badges on Tech Talent. Mentors, working as sport scouts, seek out people and help them learn the skills needed to earn badges from the sponsored company. The sponsoring company has access to the list of people (talents) who have earned the badge.

The system is responsible for rewarding participants through the distribution of tokens used to sponsor badges. Mentors and Talents are rewarded for badges earned and when the sponsoring company hires a Talent. It is a win-win ecosystem run by the community. The most demanded skill tends to be the most sponsored badge attracting Mentors and Talents who will try to meet this demand.

In addition to the objective of helping to supply the most in-demand tech skills, Tech Talent can play an import social role by allowing the “so to be discovered Talent” in underserved communities the chance to study, earn badges and financially help their families during this process.

Tech Talent wants to capture the billions of dollars that companies around the world spend to promote tech education by introducing a more open, efficient and equitable system.

Amount requested
65,000 USD



  • Lightpaper describing the tokenomics for the pilot;


  • Detailed requirements (3 badges) related to Uniswap needs;

M2, M3, M4

  • Mentors and Validator definition;
  • Smart contract and UI development for the pilot;
  • 100 Talents recruitment;


  • Pilot on mainnet;


  • Badge issuance to Talents that achieve the related goals;
  • MATIC token distribution;
  • Pilot evaluation report.

M0 - USD 3,000
M1 - USD 7,000
M2, M3, M4 - USD 40,000
M5 - USD 10,000
M6 - USD 5,000

30K MATIC tokens for rewards

Hi! I’m @PSB from TechTalent.

Here I am complementing the project description with what we are proposing for the grant.

What we are proposing. :point_down:

We are super excited about Tech Talent but need to face reality: NOW IT’S JUST AN IDEA. At the moment, it’s just a pitch deck

Does it work? We believe so. But we need to test!

In this proposal we seek for investment to pilot the idea. We can scope the pilot with the help of Polygon team, community and any other relevant Polygon contributor, but it will look something like this:

  • Develop 3 badges related to Polygon recruitments needs (e.g. Technical Writer : Polygon - Technical Writer);

  • Open the badges to 10 Mentors, 100 Talents and 1 validator;

  • Lock/sponsor 30K MATIC tokens to distribute to Mentors, Talents and the Validator.

We took Polygon job offers as a reference, but it can be any other Polygon partner/team.


After reviewing this grant carefully, we have taken the hard decision of not awarding it this time.

While we want to support as many projects as we can, we receive a large number of proposals and our funds are limited so sadly we need to turn some projects down.

I would like to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards,