Grant Request by Superfast Cards

Submission Date
January 13, 2022

Project Links

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Project Description

An interactive card trading game that allows people to play against each other the same way it used to be done with physical play cards.

Amount requested
150,000 USD


  1. Initial development of the game: 50k USDC
  • This will allow us to develop the game full time and without interruption. Once this is archived the remaining funds should be unlocked (TVL).
  1. Marketing and partnerships: 50k USDC
  • To attract players and collectors we would use the funds to organize marketing events, give-aways and partnerships with other games/nfts.
  1. On-going support & maintenance: Before the project can either be sustainable or raise additional funds the remaining 50k USDC would be used to maintain and support the project on a full-time basis for 3 months. After that the proof-of-concept is delivered and additional funding steps will be taken.