Grant Request by Supercool

Submission Date
February 5, 2022

Project Links

Medium: Supercool – Medium
Discord: Supercool

Project Description

Supercool is a protocol and no-code engine for creating the NFTs that inhabit user-generated worlds. With Supercool, users can create heroes and villains, guilds and governments, cities and ruins, and other fixtures of fictional worlds. Supercool gives creators the toolkit to define all elements of these worlds as fully on-chain NFTs, giving them portability, verifiable uniqueness, and true community and creator ownership.

How does it work? From heroes and monsters to weapons and places, digital worlds are built from a bunch of stuff that combine to form immersive and fun experiences. Supercool provides the toolkit for users to build interoperable and composable digital stuff. Each STUFF is an NFT that combines two other NFTs: user-drawn pixel art stored on-chain, and a collection of category-specific “traits”, which are used by game developers to guide the mechanics for how your creation should behave and look in games and digital worlds.

Supercool is the protocol and bridge that connects user-generated NFT content to virtual worlds and experiences where you can use your creations as part of a larger metaverse.

Supercool is live. We have already launched the on-chain drawing system of the Supercool engine with dynamic compression mechanism and frame rarity logic. So, today, every drawing that people make and mint is fully on-chain, optimally compressed (saving our customers on gas cost), and has a gradient frame attached to the boarders of the drawing. We have also implemented social mechanics in our drawing system so that every NFT that customers mint can be easily shared on social media.

Apart from the technology part of the product, we have also built and structured some of our community building engine. This includes Discord with role hierarchy and gated channels, a mechanism to do on-chain giveaways on Twitter, drawing pass tokens that can be airdropped to wallets, and a generative art NFT that will be used as community engagement incentive. With these structures in place, we are starting our community building strategy soon.

Even though we haven’t fully begun our marketing strategy, we already have a few customers drawing and minting in our platform every day. We are currently focused on talking to game developers that want to use our protocol and NFT projects that want to integrate with a broader game ecosystem.

Amount requested
436.6K USD


Milestone 1: Drawing System and Trait Bag Released
Launch a working MVP of the full Supercool protocol. This includes a working on-chain drawing system and a working trait bag system to allow people to create a full Supercool element to be easily integrated into games. (2 - 3 months from now)

Budget: $166.6K:

The budget includes hiring a growth expert for 3 months (contractor), a front-end engineer to improve our app design (contractor), and artist for 4 months (contractor). It also includes expenses such as smart contract audit, community outreach initiatives, and also expenses from services like Github Pro, Notion, Google Workspace, etc…

Milestone 2: Game integration and 5K customers
Have a minimum of three games using our protocol as the main mechanism of asset creation and grow community to at least 5K customers (5K people that have transacted at least once in the Supercool platform).

Budget $140K:

The budget includes expenses on 2D tooling for game integration. For example, tools to make standardized sprite sheets at different pixel resolutions that can be played in 2D games. Budget also includes building a simple 2D game as well where players can take their creations.

Milestone 3: TVL of $70K and 15K customers
This TVL is mostly derived from early customer mints of their on-chain NFT drawings and from the creation of on-chain and interoperable game assets that gamers create in games that use the Supercool protocol. Because Supercool is a protocol that games use, there is also the indirect TVL (not included in the milestone) of the synergies and gameplays that are unlocked from the interoperability across games in Polygon. In this milestone we also expect to have at least 15K customers.

Budget $130K:

The budget mainly includes expenses on 3D tooling for game integration. These tools would make it easy to create 3D game-ready designs from the user-generated elements created using the Supercool platform. In the budget it also includes expenses to build the MVP of the Supercool gaming NFT marketplace.