Grant Request by Stoner Wolf Club

Submission Date

December 26, 2021

Project Links

Twitter -
Discord - Stoner Wolf Club
Website -

Project Description

4,200 Stoner Wolves blazing on the Polygon Network :wolf:

Mint Price - 25 matic :fire:

Amount requested

3,703 USD


Initially our priority is around establishing a solid foundation for the project. A solid foundation is the key to a successful project

• Create Stoner Wolf Club NFT Collection - series 1 -

• Launch social media platforms

• Launch Beta NFT website

• NFT giveaways and competitions on our twitter and discord to promote growth

• Collaborate with fellow NFT projects in combined giveaways

• Start marketing campaigns
Whitelist sale - 100 spots - Each
participant will receive an extra Stoner Wolf NFT for your early support
Public Mint - 17th December

• Team buy backs! - A portion of the development fund will be used to buy back stoner wolves to increase the value of the overall collection**

• Limited Edition Stoner Wolf Club giveaway to a holder of Stoner Wolf Club - 50% supply sold

• Cannabis Giveaways to Stoner Wolf Club holders (If cannabis is illegal in your country ETH prize will be distributed) - 50% supply sold

• Add Stoner Wolf merchandise store to website

• Update Website and Add NFT shop to website

• Donate $5,000 to the chosen wolf sanctuary - 100% supply sold

• IRL MERCH DROP - 100% supply sold

• Custom Stoner Wolf Statue will be made for a Stoner Wolf holder - 100% supply sold

• Launch DAO token - 100% supply sold**

• Release Stoner Wolf Club collection - series 2

• Purchase virtual land from a wholesale name and provide a Stoner Wolf Sanctuary - 100% supply sold

• Purchase crypto currency mining equipment, to continuously buy Stoner Wolf Nfts and our token - 100% supply sold

Budget - $10,000

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team