Grant Request by STOA

Submission Date
January 18, 2022

Project Links

Discord: STOA

Project Description

STOA is a web3 experience promoting wellness with meditation sessions stored on chain, progress rewarded with the $STOA token, and NFTs.

The token unlocks special access, can be staked, and bonuses are earned the more your mediate. Stoic NFTs are unique, mark meditation progress, and reset every season with new art & rarity.

Here’s the whitepaper:

Amount requested
45,000 USD


1st Full experience deployed to Mumbai - $20k
2nd User growth to 100 daily meditators & Community build out 500 discord members $25k

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Hello, everyone! Thank you in advance for reading a bit more about STOA, a wellness project designed to bring more mindfulness into the world of crypto. Our hope is that through building a compelling product and a vibrant community we can improve wellbeing through great habits. We have a lot planned, but let’s take a look at what we have so far.


A web3 experience promoting wellness with meditation sessions stored on chain, progress encouraged with NFT unlocks, and rewarded with the $STOA token.

STOA Whitepaper:
STOA Presentation:


While incredibly exciting, the world of crypto can be overwhelming and stressful. The burnout in web3 can happen from the need to process large amounts of new information at increasing speeds, and due to a rollercoaster of emotions for many participating in crypto investing. This of course is present in our offline lives as well.
Even though some people have heard that Meditation can help relieve these types of anxiety and improve wellbeing, many don’t practice it because it’s hard to build this habit.


STOA builds a meditation habit and brings mindfulness information with familiar mechanics of web3 such as NFT unlocks and token rewards.

  • Meditation sessions are tracked on-chain
  • Each session is rewarded with the $STOA token and NFT unlocks
  • $STOA can be staked for additional bonuses, but unstakes if you stop meditating

Incentivized mindfulness may seem like a contradiction. We view it as an adjustment, without sacrificing the core principles, to encourage building great habits in the modern world.

STOA also blends meditation with stoic philosophy. We promote teachings from influential thinkers such as Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. To keep the proposal brief, we’ll leave the philosophy details for a later time. In short - meditation helps the mind & body, stoicism helps us be more mindful in everyday interactions. This covers all aspects of life, from wealth and fame to family, community, and belonging.



  • Meditation sessions are tracked on-chain
  • Progress milestones (e.g. “120 minutes meditated”) unlock NFTs
  • Each session is rewarded with the $STOA token
  • Tokens can be staked for increased rewards, but become unstaked if the person stops meditating
  • Seasons mechanic keeps rewards interesting


STOA is being actively built out together with the Raid Guild. Tokenomics have been developed. NFT art is in progress. V1 launch is targeted for Jan/Feb 2022.

We have primarily focused on building out v1 of the Meditation experience, knowing full-well that we will strengthen this experience with a great community. This will be the next step.

:ballot_box_with_check:Meditation, NFTs, Staking mechanics completed
:ballot_box_with_check:Contracts deployed on Mumbai/Polygon

☐Seasonal NFT art
☐Website launch
☐Community buildout
☐Mainnet launch


Millions of people are familiar with Headspace, Calm, and Waking Up. These are fantastic apps which popularized meditation and continue to bring great mindfulness content to the masses. STOA builds on these experiences with a couple of major differences:

  1. Instead of your progress being trapped in these apps, STOA stores your meditation sessions on-chain. This can lead to an exciting ecosystem of unlockable experiences, portable “proof of meditation” and more.
  2. Instead of asking you, the consumer, for a $100+ subscription, STOA rewards you for the time you spend with a token which will give you access to other content and unique experiences. In the future, a marketplace of mindfulness content will let you support creators directly with STOA.


45,000 USD & your help


STOA has taken $0 funding to date. Fully bootstrapped, with enough to build the product together with Raid Guild and hiring NFT artists out of pocket.

The funds will be used for the following:

  • Community manager for our Discord/Twitter (from Meditation/Stoic communities)
  • $10k - Continued contract development
  • $5k - NFT art for next season
  • $5k - Community buildout (manager & spend budget)
  • $25k - Token liquidity


1st Full experience deployed to Mumbai - $20k
2nd User growth to 100 daily meditators & Community build out 500 discord members $25k


In addition to Community building, areas where we need help are:

  • Token sale experts - we would like to raise more private and public sales from great web3 strategic investors. Ultimately want the community to support us, but things would go faster in these early stages. We need someone with investor connections.
  • Art - we are looking for more artists to create Stoic NFTs for STOA seasons (all art styles welcome)
  • Meditation/Wellness coaches - we will run community events for STOA holders
  • Meditation content creators - we are exploring a marketplace for mindfulness related content


  • Oak - Founder, Architect
    Product Leader in web2. VP of Growth in a publicly traded company. 13 years of Product Management experience.
    Building communities since admin on mIRC, running phpBB forums w/ 20,000+ members & starting competitive gaming clans.
    Identity available upon request.
  • Alex6V4 - Art, NFT illustration
  • Joanna - Art, NFT illustration
  • DenB - Tokenomics, Finance

Thank you for reading!!

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We have started to review your application, due to the early stages of our DAO (Season 0) we are only able to provide grants up to $10,000. In addition to this, it is not clear how this project would help grow the Polygon Ecosystem.

For these reasons we have concluded not to award you the grant at this stage.

However, in Season 1 expected to start in February the Dapps Council will be established and can award grants up to $100,000 so please feel free to reapply.

Thank you for your interest in Polygon and I wish you every success with your projects.