Grant Request by Stereum

Submission Date
February 2, 2022

Project Links

Discord: Stereum
Gitcoin: - Ethereum Node Setup & Infrastructure | Grants | Gitcoin
Youtube: Stereum - YouTube

Project Description

Stereum simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining Ethereum services providing a GUI to make it easily accessible for everyone. This lowering of the technical knowledge entry barrier helps to boost decentralization and makes it possible for anyone to solo stake or use other services at home or in the cloud. We don’t collect any user data, the users are completly in control of their setup. Free to use and open source!

Our development history can be followed here: stereum - development

Amount requested
100,000 USD


Polygon Node Setup Integration into Stereum up to 60k

  • Make Polygon a selectable option within Stereum with UI Wizard & UI Control Center​​​​​​
  • Adapting to new versions & features of Polygon PoS
  • Add dashboards to view metrics of Polygon PoS Services (depending on availability of metrics through e.g. Grafana)
  • Support on Discord to Stereum users running Polygon PoS
  • Support of testnet(s) of Polygon PoS (Mumbai testnet)
  • Benefits of future Stereum features
  • Depending on how the concept of delegated staking works, we’d also like to offer automised validator setup for Polygon PoS.

EY Nightfall Integration into Stereum 40k