Grant Request by Stellar Gate

Submission Date

January 26, 2022

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Project Description

STELLAR GATE is a creative team of Artists within Decentraland (DCL) we have a diverse skill set ranging from Artists, Film and multimedia production, NFT production, 3D Modeling, Animation and Rigging, Cyber Security, and Smart Contract and Blockchain development. We have been building on Decentraland and MoNa projects which have allowed us to evolve as a team working towards a greater gaming goal. We are seeking to push the boundaries within virtual worlds and immersive experiences for community building and gaming, The stellar Gate project is a game-centered venture of a futuristic Solar System coalition. Our lore centers in the future of humanity where
humans, cyborgs, and sentient Al work together to face off an alien menace that has come through the first stellar gate made by the solar Planetary Alliance Forces (SPAF). The peak of the story revolves around the SPAF using every means possible to defend our solar system.

Amount Requested

$ 810.000


Milestone 1 - $10,000

  • Re-launch of website.
  • Marketing campaign
  • Finalize in-game economy strategy.
  • Finalize game mechanics concept.
  • Release Stellar Paper.
  • Provide early purchase access to the first service permit NFTs.

Milestone 2 - $50,000
-Distribute the early access economy to boost NFTs.
-Allow early access to NFT holders to test game mechanics.
-Allow early access to NFT holders to test the economy.
-Allow early access to the initial stages of the Solar Planetary Alliance permit services.

Milestone 3 - $150,000
-First Alpha iteration of the game deployed in Decentraland.
-First mining gameplay iteration deployed.
-First processing and manufacturing of materials gameplay iteration deployed.
-Invest in more robust servers for more seamless multiplayer interaction.

Milestone 4 - $150,000
-Personal quarters will be available for access
-First iteration of combat mechanics deployed
-First iteration of medical services will be available
-First iteration of drone mechanics implemented

Milestone 5 - $150,000
-Polish of mining game mechanic
-Polish of refinery game mechanic
-Polish of combat game mechanic
-Introducing more robust servers

Milestone 6 - $310,000
-Expansion of game into bigger land
-Mech customization game mechanic
-Weapon modification game mechanic
-Armor modification game mechanic
-Polish of combat game mechanic
-Polish of medical game mechanic
-Polish of drone interaction game mechanic
-Rebalance check of economy

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Pleasure to be here. Please let me know if we are doing the proposal correctly. Thank you.

Hey Stellargate, would like to connect with you

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