Grant Request By Stakeall Finance

Submission Date

January 4, 2022

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Project Description

Stakeall Finance( is a fully decentralised non custodial DeFi platform focused on building DeFi strategies. DeFi strategies are basically series of DeFi actions wrapped in a single transaction. These innovative DeFi strategies opens a new gateway for users to participate in DeFi with better returns and minimal opportunity cost.

Where are we currently?

We have launched beta version on Ethereum Mainnet with below mentioned strategies.

Leverage Staking: This strategy allows user to use funds as collateral to borrow for lending protocols, swap them at best exchange rate in desired token and stake it to POS protocols in a single transaction. Platform enables user to compare interest rates and swap amount across various assets.

Read more about this strategy here in below blog:

Platform currently supports staking of MATIC and GRT. We are working on integrating staking of Livepeer , ETH(Lido) and Audious protocols.

For Matic token staking we support below features:

  1. While delegating Matic , users can select multiple validators and distribute total stake among validators.

  2. Users can use any token to participate in Matic staking. Platform will internally swap and delegate to validators.

  3. Leverage Staking: User can borrow assets from Aave for staking. Borrowed asset will be converted to Matic for staking.

What are we building with this grant:

With this grant we want to deploy stakeall finance to Polygon chain and move heavy DeFi operations to Polygon chain for our current and future strategies.

Leverage Staking Strategy V2: Leveraging part of this strategy will be moved to polygon. Users can borrow tokens from Aave protocol for staking on Polygon. Borrowed tokens will be moved to target chain for staking using bridges.

By moving leveraging part to Polygon, it will increase user experience and reduce cost of managing borrow position & health factor.

Amount requested

40.000 USD


  1. Deploy Stakeall finance on Polygon Mainnet. (2 Weeks) (10K)

  2. Integrate DeFi protocols like AAVE, 1inch, Connext etc on polygon with stakeall Finance platform. (3 Weeks) (15K)

  3. Use polygon as leveraging(borrowing) hub for all the existing leverage staking strategies. (3 Weeks) (15k)