Grant Request by SPYRIT (Resubmission)

Submission Date
January 19, 2022

Project Links

Discord: SPYRIT | The Essence of Blockchain
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @spyritcoin
Github: spyritcoin (SPYRIT) · GitHub
Youtube: SPYRIT - YouTube

Project Description

SPYRIT is the essence of blockchain, that means
SPYRIT is being built for the improved qualities of blockchain development.
Since we are based around DeFi principles, we want to deliver everything with
complete transparency and make sure decentralization of the Web 3.0 has a
positive influence on society. With that being said, we will be stepping foot
into the metaverse by creating our own realm on our own network, this
metaverse will be called the Spyrit Realm.

SPYRIT does have a utility token that we call, SpyritCoin. This token is
deflationary that has been developed on to the Polygon network with two
economical protocols; Tax Back to Investors & Liquidity Acquisition. There has
been a total supply of 5,000,000,000 SPYRIT minted. The utility for SpyritCoin
consists of using our dApp (Layer 3 Protocol), those use cases allow you to
trade, yield farm, stake tokens, mint NFTs, stake NFTs, and even sell NFTs.

The tokenomics for SpyritCoin was planned accordingly, so the supply is
utilized properly giving every user and investor a piece of mind.

Amount requested
100,000 USD


Design and Develop ‘Spyrit Realm’ Metaverse
a) Graphic Design - $20K
b) Game Blue Prints - $15K
c) Game Development - $25K
d) Blockchain and NFT Integration - $30K
e) Spyrit Realm Application -$10k

Timeframe: 4 months

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