Grant Request by Solvation

Submission Date
October 14, 2021

Project Description

Solvation is an AI based crypto trading platform which performs autonomous high-frequency trading using time series forecasting ARIMA model.

This dapp will help investors and traders to passively earn crypto by using their staked assets as leverage to invest into funds/currencies/pools/etc. by analyzing the most profitable scenario under specific user-defined circumstances.

The analysis will be predicted using an algorithm that uses many Technical Analysis indicators with a time series forecasting ARIMA model that predicts the best possible outcome for an investment at a later point in time.

Some of the major indicators and strategies that will be used in the algorithm to predict the price movement of assets are as follows:

  • ARIMA time series forecasting to predict entry and exit points
  • Bearish Divergence
  • Bullish Divergence
  • EMA strategy
  • Head and shoulders pattern
  • Heat Maps
  • Open Interest
  • Price Action Range Break Out
  • Principles of Price Action
  • Price Volume Confirmation
  • Retracement VS Reversal
  • Support and Resistance

Amount requested
35,000 USD


The budget for this grant will primarily be used to cover the cost of the monthly expenses to dedicatedly work on this project along with gathering resources (H/W) for hosting the high-frequency trading algorithm.

Month 1 - Research + DeFi protocol setup
Month 2 to 4 - ARIMA AI/ML prediction algorithm
Month 5 - Backtesting + Refining the algorithm
Month 6 - Testnet release + Mainnet release

Grant Request Status

Completed Denied