Grant Request by Sneaky Squirrels Forest

Submission Date
Jannuary 20, 2022

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Project Description

A gameplay focused, fully community DAO controlled metaverse

What is the problem?

  • NFT utility still relies on product development from game studios
  • Many current crypto games are static, repetitive and not engaging
  • However, full decentralisation & trustless ideologies don’t always guarantee enjoyment and safety for all users

What is the solution?
The Sneaky Squirrels Forest

  • Truly give control of asset utility upkeep, game development & more to the community allowing the platform to outlive one governing body
  • Consistent high-quality additions and updates with community made submissions and governing DAO votes
  • Internal council to shortlist & initially develop submissions to maintain high-quality games & community safety

Who is the user?

  • Gamers first but also play to earners
  • Both competitive & casual players
  • Recently adopting crypto users
  • Game asset collectors

How does it fit in the market?

  • This model fits the current and evolving crypto gaming market as it provides ownership to the communities who are already deeming real decentralisation necessary
  • It also fits the future of NFT/crypto gaming as it will be the first platform where regular (non crypto) gamers can see a problem and that it has actually been solved

What are the core challenges?
*Building a like-minded group of talented, hard working and ambitious team members to complete the first iteration of the product
*Transitioning into a fully trustless system while maintaining a high-quality product
*Staying ahead of the adoption curve

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  1. Concept Fulfilment:
    The team will design, model and animate key individual areas of the forest and 3D assets, 7 to be ready for use in game development.

Budget: 20,000 USDC

  1. Ecosystem Development
    Being a Play to Earn game, this means many aspects of the game rely on a strong and reliable ecosystem.
    This may include:
  • ETH/MATIC NFT Bridge of our own to onboard as many users across both of the two layer solutions, possible asset trading systems.
  • Careful smart contract contract development & deployment for tokens, NFTs and staking that allows for potential future branch extensions for ecosystem and game Play to Earn functions.

Budget: 30,000 USDC

Any remaining budget will be used for game development including one minigame for public evaluation before our inevitable token launch.


Been following this project for awhile and I love the team/vision, Good luck!

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Unfortunately, the team has reviewed this project and we have made the decision of not awarding the grant at this stage.

Thank you again for thinking of Polygon and I wish you the best for this project.

Kind regards,


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