Grant Request by SHARE

Submission Date
January 19, 2022

Project Links

Prototype (Internal Release V1 on Polygon Mumbai):
Whitepaper: oss/ at main · formless-eng/oss · GitHub

Project Description

The mainstream creator economy is broken. The price paid to creators is static, arbitrary and determined solely by the large platforms (like YouTube and Spotify) that distribute the content, eliminating free market price discovery, and instead optimizing for their own profits. Unlike other industries where owners set their product price based on a number of unique business factors, blanket pay-per-click rates are applied to digital content, creating an uber-competitive, clickbait driven ecosystem, largely monetized using pooled ad revenue and subscriptions.

To overcome this root cause economic problem where the natural supply and demand of digital content is thwarted by centralized intermediaries, SHARE adds a protocol layer within the smart contract infrastructure to enable creator controlled Pay-For-Access (PFA) to NFTs.

SHARE is a decentralized streaming platform and protocol that reimagines how digital content such as music and video is distributed and consumed using pay-per-view microtransactions on blockchain. When using SHARE, users can authenticate (without signing in) using their Web3 wallet, and every time they watch, listen to, or read creative content, an instant micropayment grants them access. Most importantly, the terms of the transaction, such as the price of the micropayment, is set by the creator – providing them a limitless ability to set prices ranging from free, to upwards of hundreds of dollars per experience, amongst other conditions. The creator decides, not the platform. SHARE inverts the access model.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


Phase 1 (Milestone 1):

Time period: 1 month (est. Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2022)
Funding: $5K (10%)
Description: Funding will support production and distribution of marketing collateral, onboarding documentation, and educational collateral advocating for Polygon ease of use, scalability, and low transaction fees.
Milestone: Polygon grant and partnership announcement on Twitter Spaces with key voices from music and Web3 (Polygon, Brandon Tory, musicians, and NFT project reps)

Phase 2 (Milestone 2):

Time period: 1 month (est. March 1 - March 31, 2022)
Funding: $15K (30%)
Description: Funding will support aggressive QA testing and UX research on the SHARE protocol, and provide access to protocol contracts and documentation on Polygon for dApp developers.
Milestone: SHARE MVP launched on Mumbai Testnet

Phase 3 (Milestone 3):

Time period: 3 months (est. April - June, 2022)
Funding: $30K (60%)
Description: Funding will support social campaigns and earned media efforts that build awareness of SHARE, and educate audiences about the impact of Polygon on music and Web3. In addition, the team will leverage these efforts to raise seed funding that will be necessary for infrastructure costs, scaling, and marketing.
Milestone: SHARE frontend MVP launch on Mainnet



Following up from a Discord conversation there are a few key corrections we’d like to make here:

  1. Given our application during Season 1 we’re changing our requested amount to 10K (Season 1 cap).

  2. Our milestone #3 activities here (60% of the budget) is missing a key component: the development work to bring the protocol and frontend to perfection in time for general availability. (2 devs @ 1 month). This is the bulk of the spend. (Apologies for this not being there!)



We have awarded a $5,000 grant to you.

The team will be in touch to let you know how to proceed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for thinking of Polygon and I wish you ever success for this project.

Kind regards,



Thank you so much Kouros and team! We’re absolutely thrilled to be a Season 0 grant recipient and looking forward to continued collaboration with the Polygon Ecosystem DAO!