Grant Request by Seed Venture

Submission Date
November 23, 2021

Project Links

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Project Description

SEED Venture is a decentralized platform, based on a smart contract’s factory and a decentralized web interface, which acts as a bridge between DeFi liquidity and early stage Startups. The platform generates on-chain fees, SEED token holders can redeem that fees so that mutual interests drive community engagement. Startups will be able to create a decentralized fundraising campaign by deploying the related set of smart contract offering to crypto holders communities a diversification of digital assets representing real economy and not just “blockchain” projects.

Amount requested
40,000 USD


  1. Platform Audit
    Assign the task of auditing the whole platform to two different third parties (well-known in the market): audit of factory and all set of smart contract for the first one, audit of the web based user interfaces for the second one.

Time horizon: 2 month. Estimated Expenses:
Smart contract audit: $ 6K
Web User interface audit: $4K

  1. Token’s direct purchase on Polygon layer
    Development of a dedicated UI to buy Matic and other tokens on the Polygon layer directly with fiat bank transfer or card payment.

Time horizon: 2 month. Estimated Expenses: 20k (development + tests)

  1. Polygon Bridging UI
    Development of SEED branded user interface to customized the bridging experience by using Polygon integration tools.

Time horizon: 1.5 month. Estimated Expenses: 10k (development + tests)

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team