Grant Request by Sabai Ecoverse

Submission Date

January 12, 2022

Project Links

Facebook - Sabai EcoVerse
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YouTube - Sabai ecoverse - YouTube
Twitch - Twitch

Project Description

Sabai Ecoverse is a metaverse where players can build their own resort, organize it, welcome tourists, breed characters, complete exciting tasks and earn money. It is based on the unique game economy and the SABAI token. The project has also an educational mission: to teach players to take care of the environment.

Amount Requested

50,000 USD


2022 Q2 - Land sales start in the metaverse. This milestone marks the start of land sales in our metaverse with SABAI tokens for early investors. Budget 10000.

2022 Q3 - Marketplace launch and NFT sales start. This milestone marks the start of game NFT sale with our own marketplace. Also, this is the first access to Real NFTs which are associated with real assets. Budget 20000.

2022 Q4 - Game launch. This milestone marks the first release of iOS and Android game applications along with start of in-game economy and play-to-earn processes. Budget 20000.